First 5+5 Dialogue Summit – Tunis 2003

So today and tomorrow, Tunisia is hosting the first 5+5 dialogue summit with the participation of ten leaders from the western Mediterranean region.

Our President is receiving the heads of state and government of Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Mauritania, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Malta.

The agenda of the Summit will include various items of interest to the Mediterranean countries such as those of common security, stability, political consultation, economic cooperation and trade, regional integration and various social and cultural issues.

I think it’s great how Tunisia is playing more and more of a pivotal and center-stage role in the world today, and how it’s pushing forward a lot of great initiatives and ideas.
Makes me more and more proud of being Tunisian every day 🙂

For more info, visit the official website for the First 5+5 Dialogue Summit – Tunis 2003.

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