Everything Eats Everything

I’ve been getting some hits lately on my old post Fish are friends not food !, and a comment i read there yesterday by a vegetarian got me thinking again about vegetarians and carnivores like me 😛

I agree with vegetarians that animals are friends, in fact not only animals, everything alive, including plants, are friends.
So why don’t we stop eating plants too ??

If we just think of it a bit more, we’ll see that we eat animals and plants to survive. Animals eat us, other animals and plants to survive. And plants eat us, other plants and animals to survive, it’s a whole circle of life, a food chain.

Let me explain.
We eat animals and plants, that’s easy, no further explanation needed.
Animals, either eat other animals that are further down the food chain, or they eat plants, and occasionally if they find a human around they won’t hesitate to eat him/her.
Plants: some plants eat animals/insects and the rest feed from the soil, which is enriched by the minerals of the decaying bodies of animals and humans.

So basically, everything eats everything, and when it’s part of the food chain, there is no problem with humans eating animals or plants, it’s only normal and natural, and in the end of the day, the chain will be completed and each will be eaten too.

I think the main problem is with abusing animals, and killing them for leisure,decoration or whatever else.
That’s the real problem which is against nature’s laws and which is unethical and sick. It’s murder and should be totally forbidden and punished.

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