Democrats Go Off the Cliff

This is a very interesting piece about democrats and where they stand right now in the US, and what a hard time they’re facing.
Democrats Go Off the Cliff.

As i mentioned before in one of my blogs; if i were an American, i’d certainly be a democrat, so it’s really sad to see the situation they’re in now.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Bush is going to win again in 2004, although that’s another mistake, but the lack of a strong enough democratic candidate is a big problem.
Howard Dean is maybe the only candidate gathering some steam, but i don’t think they’re gonna let him get anywhere.

I think the only way democrats could win this election was if Al Gore or Hillary Clinton ran for it, but obviously they opted out.
So, Democrats will most probably have to wait for the 2008 elections for a good chance to win back the White House.

For the time being, maybe they should focus on winning back the house, the senate and the supreme court 😉

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