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Well, recently i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about myself, how i treat people, how people treat me back, how i handle certain situations, and lots of other things.
And well i have to honestly say that i’m not all that satisfied.

It’s not that i’m doing anything wrong or treating anyone badly, in fact it’s the contrary, i’m doing everything right and treating everyone great, which seems to be something wrong in this twisted world of ours.

It pisses me off how people interpret your kindness and niceness as weakness, your respect and caring as a lack of personality !
It also bugs me how you waste so much time thinking about what the person in front of you will think or if what you say will hurt them when they don’t ever care about you or think twice before shooting a bullet up your butt !

In short, i’m kind of getting fed up of always being Mr. Nice Guy who wants peace and love for the entire world while no one gives a rat’s ass 😛

And so, i’ve taken a decision to give myself an update, to go in to the core of the kernel of my system software and make some changes to my I/O systems and interfaces.

This doesn’t mean i’m going to become an asshole all of a sudden, lol, nah, i couldn’t do that even if i tried, i think it’s built in somewhere in the hardware for me to be nice 😛
I’m just going to try to change a little bit, and patch myself to be able to deal with this world and it’s people better, i guess.

I’m not sure i should have posted this, because i guess people who know me will start watching my every move from now on to see how and if i changed.
But i don’t think there will be much for people to notice, as i’m hoping for a smooth transition 😉

Hopefully, there won’t be any secondary effects to this patch i’m planning 😛

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

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