Arabs & Camels / Canadians & Penguins

I just read this on the Where is Raed ? blog, and it made me laugh my ass off, lol…

“One of the restless questions in my head is about camels, why are camels related to Arabs in the western media? (besides the question of why my italiana girlfriend dumped me, this camel thing is really annoying me)
I mean .. it’s just like me having an image in my mind about canadians and penguin .. Hey! are you really Canadian? Cool! Do you have a penguin in your bedroom? Do you eat them?”

It’s totally true, there’s this very wrong stereotype image of arabs in the west. They imagine an arab as a turban-head with a camel, which is so damn wrong !
It bugs me a lot too, and i think that it’s a sign of how uneducated and uninformed the people who think that way are.

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