6 Months of Blogging

So, it’s been exactly 6 months since i’ve started blogging.
The results: 196 published blogs, a number of loyal readers, an average of about 75-80 visitors a day, a peak day yesterday with 128 visitors, and well that’s about it 😛

Anyway, what i think is really interesting is how the blog has evolved from back then to now.
At first, i started the blog just for the sake of having a blog, and that was the easy part, but then came my biggest problem; what the hell was i gonna blog about ?
One day i’d think about making it a blog about technical issues and programming, but then i’d say nah, i’ll talk about politics, and then i’d think religion, then maybe philosophy, nope life in general, oh well let me talk about myself, now that’s when it got depressing as i didn’t find much to talk about, lol…

And so from one idea to another, i kept on throwing stuff at the blog with no real sense of direction or reason.
And i ended up having 2 blogs instead of one; one which was personal in which i talked about my everyday life and thoughts and one in which i talked about the latest tech news and my comments on them.

A while after that, i merged both blogs into one, and i finally found a little thread of hope on how to try and make it work for me; i decided to just go on and blog about whatever came to my mind and felt was blog-worthy.

Now, months after that, looking back at the different directions i went to, and the things that drove the blog, and how the main categories and issues have changed, i think it’s quite cool, and i’m happy with what the blog has become and can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve and what it will become in the future.

Day after day, i’m becoming more addicted to blogging and allowing myself more freedom to let it all flow and just blog on to new territories.
And well God knows what i’ll be blogging about in another 6 months.
Most probably about where i got to then 😛

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