Who asked for their opinion ??

“Bush pushes Middle East democracy”
That’s a news title i just read on CNN.
And i can’t help but wonder who the hell asked this guy for his opinion ?
Who asked the US for their opinion ?
Who asked the US to tell the world what to do and what not ?
Who asked the US to be the international police man ?
Why can’t they just mind their own business ?!

Democracy isn’t something you push, it isn’t something you force on people, it’s something that they have to choose for themselves and enforce by themselves, it’s no one’s problem but theirs, it’s no one’s business but theirs !

Just like the US spent years and years to get to what it calls democracy without anyone interfering, it should mind it’s own business and stop pushing it’s nose into other countries’ business too.

Tyrant rulers and dictators have been around ever since the creation of human kind, and the only real and durable solution to that problem would come from the people themselves, by the people uniting and moving and fighting for what they think is right not by some stranger coming in and occupying them using a dumb lie pretext that they’re giving them freedom and democracy.

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