Upstairs Neighbours Again

Well, it seems our upstairs neighbours and us are basically never gonna be friends, lol…

After the satellite dish installation a while back, and the sleepless nights we passed because of their obsession with high volume, it seems they got bored of the dish and got a helicopter pad installed in their balcony instead.

Helicopter pad ??
Well yeah that’s how it sounds like, ALL NIGHT LONG !!!!
I dunno what the hell it is: a helicopter, a bad ass AC, or some hell of an engine, i just know it’s very darn noisy, and it’s been screwing up our sleep since the weekend.

We’re thinking of writing them a letter to ask them to keep it down, but what the hell am i gonna write when i don’t even know what the hell it is that is causing the noise ?
Maybe something like: “Find another place to park your damn helicopter !” or “Don’t bring your noisy mechanical sex toys home with you !”

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