The Penguin takes off it’s Red Hat

“Red Hat To Drop Linux !”
That’s the title i just read at LinuxWorld. Truly shocking don’t you think.
I just found myself lost for a moment, thinking: if a linux company drops linux, what the hell is it gonna do then ? Sell potatoes ??
Well, no, they’re gonna sell linux.

Ok ok, here’s the story, Red Hat are going to stop releasing their standard Red Hat Linux and supporting it, and instead will only focus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
A logical step (for them), as that’s where they’re gonna be making more profit, BUT a bad step in my opinion.
Red Hat is the No.1 Linux distro, and if they discontinue their standard linux line, which is the most popular among users, and stop supporting it so quickly, linux might be losing all those users who believed in it and made the move from windows to linux, plus it’s not gonna sound good at all for people who were considering linux as a stable solution.

Oh well, i guess it’s just another example of a dumb decision taken after a long useless managerial meeting.

I can just imagine the guys at Microsoft toasting to this dumb move, lol…

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