The Last Emperor

Now, this is one hell of a great movie.
I’ve seen the DVD sitting there in the video store for some time now, and i don’t know what made me choose to rent it this saturday only. I should’ve rented it a long time ago.

The movie is visually awesome; the wideshots, the places, the everything, it just takes you to that time and place and makes you live the story as it happened.
The story is touching and powerful and the acting is great.

I just read that it won 9 oscars (including the Best Picture Oscar), and i fully agree that it deserves every single one of them and more.

It’s a truly perfect movie that tells a great and moving story.

Plus, for a movie that was made back in 1987, the cinematography and photography are amazing and way ahead of their time. Even better than a lot of stuff we see these days.

I give it a hundred thumbs up. One of the best and most perfect movies i’ve seen in a while.

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