Stop Bush Campaign in UK !

So 15,000 police are deployed in London as part of an unprecedented security operation surrounding U.S. President George W. Bush’s four-day state visit as massive protests are planned.
On 20th Nov, demonstrators even plan to topple a statue of George Bush from a pedestal in Trafalgar Square.

And we’ve all heard about how the US asked for special permission to use mini-guns against the protestors, which are guns that are fired from a tank and can kill dozens of people at a time.

But, come on, isn’t that a bit weird though ? Tanks, Guns, Blocked streets, and a massive security force ?
Aren’t the US & UK supposed to be 2 friendly allied nations who have a very special relationship ?
And aren’t they supposed to be democratic countries, meaning that whatever they do or did must have been by the approval of the people of both countries ?
So, why are the people so mad about the war ? and why are they so against Bush ?
Obviously because they were lied to, and because they were thrown into a war they didn’t want to fight.
Not only that, but these so-called leaders still go on lying to the people, putting more lives in danger, throwing more tax-payers’ money away.

Just like the UK, i think the US people should stand up too. After all, it’s mostly their money and their children who are being thrown away.

In fact, i think that everyone in the world should stand up and “Stop Bush !”.
Because this is not just a US internal affair, it’s far more dangerous.
The US is the one and only power in this world, and the choice of it’s president not only affects the US but the whole world too, and the lives of each and every one of us.

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