Pirates of the Carribean

Watched “Pirates of the Carribean” last night at last, after hearing about how great it is from everyone and anyone, and i have to say that i agree.

I’ve never been much into pirate movies and stuff, but this one is cool and fun.

Johnny Depp is great in this one. I’ve always liked his movies and his style, but this one shows a whole other side of him, and it’s great. He’s so funny and he dominates every scene he’s in.

The story is a light and fun one, very disney-like and quite different from other pirate movies i’ve seen, maybe that’s why it did very well.

The special effects looked good too, although most of it rotated around the skeleton pirates and all.

A must-see if you’re into cool fun light movies.

I might be watching Matrix Revolutions again tonight, so my opinion could change if, and only if, i find something that was worth me re-watching it 😉
If that ever happens, i’ll post again about it 😛

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