No Blogs for 3 days :(

Haven’t blogged in 3 days and it feels like my tongue has been pulled out, haven’t had internet access at home for 2 weeks and it feels like i’m crippled.

Anyway, the past few days went as follows:

– Friday: Basically all i did was be lazy on this day, do a bit of shopping for my new place, and then we had futour at my parent’s place.
– Saturday: More laziness, then went out to see how much it would cost me to buy a dish (no, i’m not jealous of my upstairs neighbour :P) and a closet. Made the order for the closet and will try to go order the dish today. I also rented and watched a movie called “The Last Emperor” which deserves a post of its own.
– Sunday: More and more laziness. All i did was listen to music while playing Spider Solitaire 😛 I finally won in the Difficult stage, normally i’d get bored and give up half way through the game.

That’s about everything from my weekend.

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