Miss Digital World

Digital artists, advertising agencies and video game programmers from around the world have been asked to send a computer design of their perfect woman to missdigitalworld.com, complete with date of birth and body measurements.

“Miss Digital World” is the first beauty contest reserved for the likes of video game heroine Lara Croft, computer-cloned actresses from the “Matrix” films and new beauties tweaked to perfection with 3D graphics.

I think this is so cool. Lately 3D graphics have been getting better and better enabling artists to produce very human-like characters, and it’s about time they choose who looks best in these creations.
The most realistic characters i’ve seen are from the Final Fantasy movie, especially the guys, they look so real. I have a friend who spent half the movie looking for an actor he knows, before realizing they were all computer generated 😛

Can’t wait to see the digital hotties that will be sent to them…

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

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  1. Having monitored the Miss Digital World site for two months now with no changes, I am beginning to wonder if this is just a worldwide hoax.

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