Matrix Revolutions

So, i saw Matrix Revolutions yesterday as planned, and well here’s what i think.

Well, overall, i think it’s quite an ok movie, and a must see for people who started the trilogy, as this ends it all and kind of answers the questions you’ve carried on from the first 2 movies.
I do think the first 2 movies are better than this one though.

After coming out of the experience of watching Matrix 3 times and then Matrix Reloaded 5 times earlier in the year, i was awed, and it got my mind thinking about all these different possibilities and trying to find complex answers to the questions the movies threw on my back. Reading online forums and message boards only got me lost deeper into the complexity.
But this movie comes and gives us very simple answers to those questions, so simple in fact, you feel it’s stupid. I mean, for a movie with a ground-breaking idea and so much suspense and manufactered philosophy, you’d expect some truly great answers and stuff that would leave you thinking: “WOW”, “Damn ! How did they think of that ?!” or even “??!!!”. But you wouldn’t expect to be thinking : “That’s it ?!!”, “What the **** ??!” or “Oh ! How stupid !!!”.
So, story-wise, this movie made the whole thing not as magical and cool as we thought and wished it was.

No new ground-shattering special effects in this one either, just more and more of the stuff they created in the first 2 movies.
Fights, impact effects, flying (i hate it when Neo flies), …etc.
The scenes where the sentinels attack zion must have taken a lot of special effects work, and it looks good, but nothing really breath-taking.

Acting, well let’s admit it, movies like this aren’t about acting. So don’t expect much of it.

The music is more techno-like, and it’s quite good, although i didn’t pay much attention to it. I’ll try to listen out more for it if i watch the movie again.

Oh well, in short, it’s an ok movie, but well below my expectations for it.
I was wishing for something a lot more meaningful and philosophical.

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