Magnolia + Treasure Planet

Saw 2 movies this weekend: “Magnolia” & Disney’s “Treasure Planet”.

I’ll just give a quick short review of both.

I liked the style in which this movie was shot. And it seemed very interesting to me how the story proceeded and developed, and how it switched between the characters, building links between them as it went along, and i was excited waiting for some sort of climax at the end, which is something i didn’t get.
I loved the part when all the characters were singing along to the same song, it’s my favourite moment in it all.
Anyway, now that i think of it, it’s quite a good movie after all. I just wish the story was a bit stronger to back the great direction.

Treasure Planet:
Hmmm, well now i know why this didn’t do that well. It doesn’t have enough of that Disney magic that we all got used to.
The Animation is great as usual, and the blending of 2D with 3D was great, but the story as it had become and the feelings weren’t strong enough to entirely carry the movie.
Anyway, as an animation fan, i liked it anyways, but it still doesn’t rank among my faves.
I think i heard that Disney have created a “Treasure Planet” ride in DisneyWorld, now that would be great, a lot better than the movie i think.

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