Insufficient Memory

I remember once being told that Goldfish have a short memory span, i’m not even sure it’s true, but well that’s only secondary to what i’m attempting to get to.
Anyway, I’m noticing that we humans are becoming more and more like Goldfish, our attention and memory spans are becoming shorter and shorter, and i think it’s because of the everyday things surrounding us.
When you get used to cruising through satellite channels taking just a short look at each channel at a time, or surfing through a number of websites at a time for bits of information here and there, you just get used to that and it affects the way you think i guess.

I mean, so many times, i’d be talking to someone and i know they’re there for the first few seconds and then God knows where they go. And even when they listen and focus, in a few minutes after it, they’ll have no idea what you were talking about.

A lot of people don’t even read books anymore, just because they can’t go through a whole book and all it’s events.

I think we humans are losing our ability to focus, and that’s really bad.
We’re becoming more and more like the computers we created. I can just imagine us as a PC running Windows 95, crashing every 5 seconds, giving us a blue screen with “Insufficient Memory” written in it 😉

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