ICANN, Ok we know you can…

So the last ICANN meeting was held in Tunisia last week, and it was a success.
Tunisie Telecom, Sotetel & ATI were able to flex their muscles and show off after deploying a broadband connection of 100MB/s and a Wireless network throughout the hotel hosting the event, enabling real-time transmission of the debates on the internet.
All this in a record time and in an area of Tunis where there still is no broadband coverage.

Anyway, after reading this article on Tunis Hebdo, it seems that we regular internet users paid the price by suffering a loss in connection speed.

Oh well, honestly, if it’s for the good of Tunisia and it’s image abroad, i truly don’t mind a KB/s less, especially that dial-up connection sucks anyways.
I just hope that Tunisie Telecom and ATI get bumped in the head sometime soon and start thinking about us too and make broadband within the reach of us internet addicts.

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