Last night as i was in my old place waiting for the owner to come so i can hand him his keys and get over with the move, i opened the door only to find a bunch of kids wearing masks and make-up, yes for halloween, they were trick-or-treating me…

I was shocked to say the least.
I mean, there never ever was halloween in Tunisia, so where did these kids come up from ?
These were kids ranging in age from maybe 4 to just a few years younger than me, and they were going around from house to house as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
I know i must sound like some old-fashioned guy, i’m not, but i can’t help but wonder how something that never existed in the Tunisian culture has been introduced into it like this.
Are the next generation being brainwashed by foreign television stations ?
I mean after all, i think it’s pretty weird for muslims in a muslim country to be celebrating Christmas and now Halloween, what next ? Hannukah ?.

Maybe i’m over-reacting, but i think this is worth thinking about. Maybe we should start thinking twice about what our children are seeing on TV and how much of an effect it is having on them.

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