Dead Sea Dry

I’ve been hearing about how the Dead Sea has been drying up for some time now, but only today did i get a true idea about how fast it’s drying up and how bad the situation is becoming.

If nothing is done, the Dead Sea could be literally dead and gone in 50 to 100 years time.

The problem is the result of the diversion of the waters of the Jordan River mainly by Israel for agriculture and in cities and towns.

What sucks the most though is that i lived in Jordan for 6 years and i’ve never visited the Dead Sea, i just passed by it a number of times on my way to Aqaba for a swim in the Red Sea. I guess i just took it for granted and thought it’d always be there and that it was relatively close and i could go anytime i wanted.
Well, now i’ve left Jordan and the Dead Sea is drying up, and i haven’t been there yet.

So, another thing on my list of important tasks when i go to Jordan (next year hopefully) is a visit to the Dead Sea.

Hmmmm, i think i’ll be posting a list of the stuff i want to do in Jordan in a seperate post.

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