Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music

God Damn It !
Now, after nearly 6 years, i finally know why the hell my old pc started playing that damn symphony !!!

It was exactly the night before i had to hand in and present my System Analysis project to the grumpiest and shittiest professor in the Computer Science department, a full Real Estate Agency system built using Oracle 7.
As if i didn’t go through enough pain with Oracle killing my pc’s memory and making me suffer to get it work right, when i finally sighed marking the end of the project, my once beloved pc started playing this symphony for me, and God knows i nearly shit myself right then and there.

After scanning the damn thing with every anti-virus software i could get my hands on and trying every possible thing that came to mind, the pc speaker was still buzzing away. by this time, in my mind, it was no longer a symphony, it was this damned pc telling me to go screw myself.

Having to take the pc with me to university for the presentation, i couldn’t allow it to go on with that maddening tune, so i unplugged the pc speaker and enjoyed the peaceful quiet that followed.
It got me through the presentation ok, although i was trembling in fear it would screw the whole thing at any second.

That pc speaker remains unplugged to this very day, holding a memory of a haunting tune that once threatened to give me a heart attack.

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