Can YOU Be a Pornstar?

Well, it seems the great US civilization is going another big step forward and producing a new reality TV show called “Can YOU Be a Pornstar?”.

Real pornstars will be hosting the TV show, including Mary Carey who was running for governer in California in the ridiculous recall vote.

A group of 28 women will compete for a one-year contract with a major adult video distributor and a cash prize of $100,000.

In each episode, four women arrive at a house in Los Angeles for photo shoots, interviews and “surprises,” according to Silhouette (the company producing the show). Viewers will help pick eight finalists for a 90-minute finale.
They promised “uninhibited nudity and sizzling sexuality,” while the show’s official Web site said it would feature “Real people having real sex!”

I’m truly speechless.
I can’t believe it how humans continue to degrade themselves using the banner of freedom of expression and sexuality.
This world has truly become a sex-crazed world.

I know some of the people who know me will be saying: Oh look who’s talking. Well yeah, i’m no angel, i know. I’m a guy after all, and we’re all natural born perverts, lol, and i’ve seen my share of porn, read my share of sex stories, and had my share of daydream fantasies, …etc.
It’s only normal, everyone goes through that period of sexual obsession, it’s how (and if) they come out of it in the end that counts, i think i’ve come out pretty stable in the end 😉

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