An Artist

habib.jpgWe went to the Kram Ramadan Fair this last saturday and at the doorway of the fair we found a familiar face to anyone who has ever visited the Kram Fair, we found Habib (i think that’s his name).

Habib is a handicapped artist & painter, who i think gives the best example of how someone can overcome their handicaps and problems and succeed no matter what.
He sits there on his wheelchair, struggling to paint with his feet, pouring all of his feelings and emotions into the canvas lying in front of him, producing visual masterpieces portraying cities, towns and places in Tunisia.

I’ve always been fascinated by him, his strong will, his charisma and his art work.

This past saturday, i decided not to just look up to him in admiration, i decided to try and help him succeed and be part of it all. So i bought one of his paintings, one portraying the beautiful city of Sidi Bou Said (I’ll try to scan it and post it here someday), and i decided to write about him here and urge other people who read this post and who are in Tunisia to go to the Kram Fair and buy another one of his paintings.
It only costs 5 Tunisian Dinars, so it’s nothing to you, but it really means the whole world to him 🙂
So please be generous and kind and make this great guy’s day 🙂

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