What if Microsoft really acquired Macromedia ?

Well, it’s been a rumour that has gone on and off for ages, and just recently i re-heard it from someone who barely has anything to do with IT, and everytime it turns out to be a load of crap.

But i was just thinking, what if Microsoft really does acquire Macromedia ?
What would happen to all the goodies we got used to from Macromedia ?

Here is what i think would happen to the various Macromedia products:

ColdFusion: This would be discontinued of course, the best they could do for it is to make a CF.NET language that is supported in the ASP.NET framework.
JRun: This too would be discontinued, and instead of it J# would be promoted for the ASP.NET framework.
Flash: This would go on of course and become even more developer oriented.
Director: This too would stay, although MS could start thinking why have both Flash & Director, why not make them one product that works for both purposes, and instead of ActionScript & Lingo you

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