The Passion

I really don’t get it why some Jews are so mad about Mel Gibson’s new movie “The Passion” (now called: The Passion Of Christ).

They say the movie suggests Jews were responsible for Christ’s death.
so ? where’s the wrong in that ? it’s totally true…
It’s even written in the bible, which was used as a reference while making the movie.

In fact, not only were Jews behind the death of Jesus, they were also behind the deaths of a number of their other prophets.

I think it’s totally hypocritical of them to criticize this movie.
Why is it that they can make movie after movie about Nazis stating that it’s freedom of speech and art, and then stand in front of this movie that’s just telling the story of Christ’s final hours as they are known to be, and say that it’s against Jews.

It’s not against Jews, it’s the true facts of what happened.
There’s a big difference…

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