SIB 2003

Just got home from SIB2003, a computer fair held these days in Charguia.
It’s always fun to go to such things, even if you come out with your hands empty, which you never do, you at least have to come out with a bunch of cards and flyers that end up on the back seat of your car or somewhere else for an eternity until someone throws them out.

There are computers, mobile phones, printers, scanners, small gadgets, plotters, software, pocket pcs, in short everything and anything, and that’s cool.

I don’t know if the prices are good or not because i’m not that up-to-date on hardware prices, and i didn’t really take much notice because i wasn’t planning on buying anything in the first place.
I just asked about a couple of pocket pcs, a 256MB compact flash card and a MP3 player, and well all were above my budget for the time being 😛

Anyway, it only costs 1TD to get in, so you guys in Tunisia, go check it out, you just might get a good deal for something cool you need.

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