Ramadhan: Before & After

The holy month of Ramadhan is on the doorstep, just a few days till it starts, with all it’s beauty and it’s unique atmosphere, bringing along with it the prayers and fasting, as well as the traditional sweets (Zlabia, Mkhariq, Maqroudh), the long dinner tables, the new TV series, and lots more.

What’s so incredible though is how what once was a month of worship, prayer and fasting has now become (for a big number of people) the month of concerts, tv series and feasts with a secondary focus on the worship side of it.
When i think of it, i’m never able to draw a logical line of events that could have led to this huge change.
I mean, in the old days, people would be sitting around in a circle in a mosque learning about their religion, reading Quran and worshipping God, when nowadays they are sitting around a TV, watching TV series, listening to songs and eating.

What’s even more weird is how in the old days, people would use Ramadhan and their fasting as a way to control their tempers, be more friendly and clean their mouths of foul language, when nowadays it’s the total opposite, people use the fact that they’re fasting as an easy pretext to launch into hysterical anger and the use of violent language.

I’m not truly complaining though as i love the way of life in Ramadhan even as it is now, but it was just a thought that crossed my mind how such a big change in concept has occurred.

Plus, Thank God, it’s not that bad, the mosques still do fill up in Ramadhan with worshippers, and even those people at home do remember their God and pray between meals or series 😉

I know that people who know me will be thinking “Look who’s talking”, as i’m not known to be a religious person at all, lol…
Anyway, i do fast all of Ramadhan, and well i’ll try to start praying this Ramadhan, so help me God 🙂

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