Oracle 10g

So, the new version of Oracle Database is ready, and guess what, they’re calling it Oracle 10g.

Now, after Oracle 7, we got Oracle 8i and then Oracle 9i, and we figured out the “i” was for internet, and that they were marketing their database as the best database for the internet and e-business, but now the “i” is gone, and we have a “g”, so what does that stand for ?

Well, it actually stands for “Grid”, and it mirrors the direction in which Oracle are taking their flagship database product, Grid Computing.
Oracle are selling this database as the scaling self-managing self-fixing self-everything grid-computing resource-optimizing database.

I guess a lot of people will be happy with this new release, as for me i’m not that much into Oracle, last time i used it in a project it was at the Oracle 7 stage, and i just played around with Oracle 9i for a while.

I’m personally looking forward to another database release, the long awaited SQL Server 2004 code-named Yukon.

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