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Today i re-found this website i stumbled upon a year or so ago, which is a quite interesting online business, it’s a startup that sells real estate on the moon.

Actually, the website offers land on Mars & Venus too, as well as an option to have your name added to their registry which they claim will be sent and hosted on the moon this year.

Want more ? well you can actually even get a Lunar Passport, and become a true alien after buying some real estate through them.

I think it’s a cool and fun idea, even though it’s bogus.

For more info, click here.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

5 thoughts on “Lunar Embassy”

  1. People can hardly afford a small little house on Earth to go looking for one on the Moon or Mars or wherever… oh well in the exception of some who can buy our whole planet and all others with a click !! A Lunar Embassy!! I wonder what’s next?! Immigrating to out this galaxy or what!

  2. Sadly guys – it’s not bogus. This “Embassy” has made billions of dollars and now is a member of Congress, has done a 45 million dollar deal with IBM and various other corporations, including robotics, genetic engineering and has members including the Southern Party in Texas, has its own bank and credit card and mortgage facilities. So if its bogus – no one is stopping them and now they have so much money – they play in the big league. Ive been researching this for a while as the arseholes are now operating here in Australia and Im disgusted – our Govt just did a deal re the launching pad for their Artemis Project – this organisation run by lunatics means business, and noone is stopping them. It’s sickening that anyone can become a multi billionaire over such a con – which sadly isnt. Mr Hope is now a member of the Republican Congress in fact receiving the Gold Medallion. All that money has bought them power – people laugh over the audacity but the land still is selling and in 5 years has gather millions of members worldwide – its all good to say that whoever parts with money is an idiot but when its members extend to the rich and powerful we are all in trouble and this insect is now a very rich shark. Who is buying his way into power and politics and corporations while we all stand back laughing, thinking it can’t be real. It’s very real and very scary. The “Chapters” of this organisation extend far beyond what you would ever dream. So much so, the very mention of their name to some big organisations in this country gets the phone slammed down in your ear – with words like – we can’t talk about it. My boyfriend works for IBM (very high up) and has confirmed that this “Embassy” is in fact very real and has many huge corporations involved in the plan. Being billionaires gets a lot of doors open. So why aren’t the governments shutting them down if they are bogus??

  3. Its not bogus as i own an acre of the moon and there are us government records of who owns the moon.

  4. I don’t believe anyone takes this guy seriously. He is just trying to make a quick buck, and as for Hope belonging to the Republican Congress, I think you shouldn’t believe everything you read. He probably paid to join some bogus community with a name he could exploit. I recently bought some Moon Property from another company called Lunar Properties. I don’t believe all the hype about the legality of actually owning a piece of the moon, nor do I care. It was just a thoughtful gift to my girlfriend. Lunar Properties lets you choose the location (I choose the Bay of Rainbows for my girl) and they offered 2.47 acre lots at a lower price than the others on the web. It’s just a great novelty gift that shows someone you were thinking of them. My girfreind loved it.

  5. I really don`t know who gave them this authorization… But the Moon, so as the Sun, belongs to the people in the world. They are nobody, just nobody and nothing to sell something that doesn`t belong to them. So, they should know that they can be accused and the will be. THEY will go to court. All human organisations around the world will gather against them. I wonder what are playing? Who they think they are?

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