Hugo The Hippo

I just finished re-watching this old animated movie I recorded off Zimbabwe TV when I was a kid, it?s called “Hugo The Hippo” and I used to love it.
So yesterday when we were visiting my parents, I picked up this video tape and a number of others I remember loving in my childhood, and brought them with me, so my wife and I could watch them together.

This animated movie of course is nowhere close to today’s animated features in terms of quality and all, but the story is beautiful and the soundtrack is amazing.
After all these years, I still remember every scene and every lyric to every song, it’s incredible.

It?s the story of a little hippo with all it’s ups and downs, with all it’s sad and happy moments, and the message behind it all is how people can be so selfish and how they should pay more attention to animals and treat them fairly and not just use them for their own benefit and then throw them.

It’s a beautiful movie with a wonderful message, and I wish someone like Pixar would remake it and give more people the chance to see it and be touched by it, just like I was by this old version.

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