Gad El Maleh : “La Vie Normale”

Just watched the one-man-show stand-up comedy “La Vie Normale” by Gad El Maleh yesterday night, and it was hilarous.
I really enjoyed it a lot.

Gad is a Jewish Morrocan French guy, and in his sketches he makes fun of everything around us, touching everyday issues from our lives and passing some really nice messages.

I’ll be on the lookout for any other stuff by him, i really liked his style.

Talking of one-man-shows and stand-up comedies, i truly wish Lamine El-Nahdi and Raouf Ben Yaghlane do some shows in Ramadan this year too. My wife and I went to their shows last year, and we laughed our heads off.
They’re amazing, truly the best arab comedians in my point of view. I don’t even think the Egyption superstar Adel Imam could pull off such a great show on his own.

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