Flash Baine

A flash-mob is to target David Blaine, an american illusionist who planned to spend 44 days and nights suspended in a clear plastic box with nothing but water to sustain him, tonight as he enters his final week in at Tower Bridge.

The organisers of the Flashblaine event (as they called it, and which is due to run for just three minutes) say they hope it will be the biggest flash-mob in the world.

They want people to sound their mobile phone ringtones together at exactly 7:44pm and then chant “what goes up, must come down” at Blaine, then laugh manically and hold an item of food in the air.

For more details about the Flashbaine event, click here.

Flash-mobbing is a US-born phenomena in which hundreds of people spontaneously arrive at a designated area and carry out short, random acts.

I think it’s really cool and fun 🙂

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