Cycling for world peace

Just read about this Iranian girl who is travelling around the world by bike to promote friendship and peace.

A solitary journey around the world that started on April 2003 via 10 countries: Starting with Italy, France, England, The United States, Japan , New Zealand, China, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia and ending in Iran.

She states her main goals as:

1- Gathering support and raising funds for orphaned children and the needy.
2- Communicating with the women, girls and youth in the countries to be visited and bringing their message to the women, girls and youth in Iran.
3- Observing the manifestations of God in world.

and her journey motto is:
“In the name of love, friendship and global peace.”
Poupeh Mahdavinader

For more info and to follow her through her journey, check out her site at:

I personally think it’s cool, she’s having fun travelling the world and she’s doing good at the same time 🙂

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