Caring for the environment in Tunisia

I just read a post on AquaCool about the environment, and how we should try and take more care of it and all.

And well i totally agree with that, BUT there’s one little problem: the people themselves…

Tunisia is one of the countries that has really given so much importance to nature and the environment, and the government has been trying to get all sorts of programs going for ages, from recycling to creating more green areas to educating people to raising awareness of environment problems …etc, and initiative after initiative have passed with only minor success, and that’s because first of all the change has to come from within the people and their brains for anything to work.
You can’t do anything when some people are still throwing their garbage out of their windows or littering sidewalks with the remains of their snacks even though bins are only a meter away.
It’s a whole vision and we all have to be in it together, people and government.

I think the Tunisian government is doing a great job trying to educate people and coming up with great inititiatives, but until the Tunisians themselves rally behind these inititiatives and become more eco-aware, and until the new generations grow up with a strong eco-conscience we’re going nowhere.

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