“Terrorists don’t just wake up one morning and decide to hate the United States”.
Micah Halpern (Author of “What You Need To Know About: Terror”)

I just read this line a couple of days ago in TIME magazine, and ever since then i’ve been wanting to post something about this, but without being too political, i just want to state a point of view, an idea, a thought, regardless of the country.

Just reading that line really makes you think, it’s true, nobody ever wakes up in the morning and decides to hate someone. Hate is a feeling that is born and then grows because of a reason, and it naturally grows even bigger when that reason persists and is ignored.

So maybe the solution to stop this hate is to actually try and find that reason, then try to find some way to erase it and solve the problem creating it instead of launching a full scale war that will only serve as a way to feed the roots of that hatred.

But what if the reason is already known and obvious ?
What if they don’t want to solve the problem that is the reason of the hatred ?
Then, this is why we see what we see today and live through what we live through today.

But then again, War never was a solution to any problem.

Doesn’t that make you think ?

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