Great Coincidence

We just went out to return a movie we had rented yesterday and maybe get something else to see, and on the way we thought we’d pass by and check out some magazines.

We passed by the closest magazine store, and didn’t find the magazine my wife wanted, so we thought we’d move along down the street to Monoprix and see if we could find it there.
It was already near to 10PM and so Monoprix was shutting down, so we decided to just go home, but then i thought, lets go to this cool magazine stand in front of the Soula Shopping Center even though there were other ones before it on our way.

Anyway, we got there, and as we approached it i saw a friend of mine i haven’t seen for a long time, he’s a friend i met in Jordan, and who i haven’t heard from for ages, although i would always ask anyone coming or going to Jordan about him.

It was really great meeting him there, it turns out he finished his studies in Jordan and is back home in Tunisia now too 🙂

I love coincidences like this, and sometimes i can’t help but think that maybe these aren’t simple coincidences, maybe there’s this hidden power that meant for them to be, maybe, just maybe 🙂
Anyway, whatever it is, it was cool, and i hope we get to meet more often 🙂

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