Getting Connected

Well this is just a short little post to share this feeling i have right now…

It’s so amazing how we people take things for granted, i mean here we are, everyday getting online, doing whatever we have to do and then disconnecting and going on with our lives, but do we ever take the time to think about what we’re doing ? i mean, that little click on that “Connect” button actually opens a door for us to the world, to a network of people from all over the globe, and for those few moments that we’re online, we’re actually really connected, all of us connected together and in one single space, i think it’s marvellous and mind blowing.

I’m not new to the web, in fact i’m so far from that, i’ve been online for ages, and for someone who works in the domain of creating more and more websites and injecting them into the web, i should be so fed up of the internet, and well sometimes i am, but still the concept is amazing, and no one can deny that.

What’s even greater is that now we’re not restricted to getting connected just from behind our computer screens, we can actually do it from anywhere, on the move, through our mobile phones.

Just think about it for a while, and you’ll see how awesome all this is, even though now it’s just an ordinary little detail of our everyday lives.

It’s stuff like this that keeps me in the business, lol…

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