Black Hole SUN

Doesn’t anyone else think that Scott McNealy (CEO of SUN) & SUN have become so incredibly pathetic ?

It’s like they don’t know what to do anymore, they’re running all over the place like a mad man looking for anything that thay can shine at when it’s so obvious this SUN has burned itself into a black hole.

One day they’re the server people and they’re talking about the N1 initiative, and the other day they’re the software people and they’re pushing Java and branding it, the next day they’re the anti-microsoft people coming out with the ultimate solution for our lives to go on with their linux-based Java Desktop System and crappy StarOffice, the day after they think Microsoft’s strategy is good and they imitate them in a number of ways, and the sad story goes on and on and on.

Everyday i go to tech news websites and see more and more of this sad tragedy, and i can’t help but think: PATHETIC !!!

I just hope someone at SUN wakes up and gets them focused again, so that they can go back to what they once were, not necessarily the “dot in .com” days, but some of the good old days.

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