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We were invited at a friend’s place yesterday, he’s someone who went to the same school as i did in Tunisia, and whom i met and knew better in Jordan when i was going to university there.
The cool thing is we also lived in the same building, became good friends, went through the internet bubble together, spent time with a lot of common friends, but the coolest thing of all is that our stories with our wives are very much identical, we both met them at around the same time in university, got engaged at around the same time, got married and moved back to Tunisia and both work in the internet domain, lol.

So just by imagining how many similarities there are between us as couples and how much history we have behind us, you’d imagine how much fun stuff we had to talk about, from our experiences as a married couple and what we go through, to the amazing insects and crawling species we have in Tunisia, to the stuff our wives find weird in Tunisia, lol.
Of course no such talks go without uncovering some funny past secrets along the way, lol.

After talking and laughing for a couple of hours, the talk turned to food, and our stomachs started rumbling at the thought of some local Jordanian fast-food “Falafel” that we haven’t tasted for so long, and so we suggested to go to this lebanese restaurant called “Baalabak” that serves some quite similar dishes, and so we did.
The food was good, and our conversations and fun went on.

By the time we finished eating and talking, we were too exhausted to even blink, so we thought that was a sign that we should at least try to get home, but of course not before a half hour talk in the parking, in which we men talked about launching a web startup, and our wives talked about whatever they were talking about.

In short, it was some real cool fun, and hopefully we’ll be hanging out together more in the future 🙂

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

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  1. hey man , why do i have a strong sense of suspision that this guy , that you were with is not other than Zeyad .

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