Sunday Time

Sunday was actually quite similar to Saturday, lol, more of me filling my time with anything. I watched 5 movies, played “Command & Conquer : Generals” using the Chinese army this time, visited my parents and surfed the net a bit.

The movies i saw yesterday were:
– Friday: at last i got to see this one, but i was dissapointed, i mean it’s a good movie, but with all the hype it had around it back when it was released, i expected something better and funnier.
– Tomcats: This was better than i expected, quite a good movie, was fun watching it.
– The Hot Chick: I love Rob Schneider, he’s hilarious, and this movie is so cool too. keep them coming Rob.
– Jawbreakers: This one was ok, but not that good, didn’t enjoy it much.
– Dracula 2000: This was better than i expected too, at least at the beginning, as it kind of loses you half way through the movie. it was quite good though all in all, compared to all the shitty vampire movies coming out these last years.

Now back to “Command & Conquer : Generals”, i just got this game a couple of days ago, and it’s really cool. It needs a bit getting used to, as it changes how some things were done in Red Alert, Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge, but it takes you to a whole new level of strategy gaming.
There are 3 main sides you can choose from: US, China, GLA (Some terrorist organization).
I’m still in my first stages playing and enjoying the game, and will most probably talk about it more on here in the future as i uncover it’s features more.
What i find a bit annoying though is how the terrorists are made out to be like Afghan Muslims or something, it kind of reflects the reality of the world today, in which by just being a muslim you’re branded a terrorist, which is the total opposite of how things should be. Oh well, i guess you can’t blame EA for that.

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