The past couple of days i’ve cut back on the number of movies i’ve been seeing, as i was afraid i’d soon run out of movies, and that wouldn’t be a good thing 😛
So i’m basically seeing only one movie a day now, and spending the rest of my time out with friends or family or sleeping, lol.

I finally caught “Harry Potter : Chamber of Secrets” at the DVD rental place, and jumped on it right away, as i’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while, i saw some of it yesterday at 2AM, but got too sleepy i couldn’t finish it, so i’ll finish it today after work.

Talking about work, i shouldn’t even be at work today, it’s “Woman’s Day” or something, and it’s an official holiday, but well, since when do we tech people know the meaning of holidays, especially when the word “deadline” is involved, often preceded with another nice word “Tight”…

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