Passing Time

Ever since i came back from work late yesterday, i’ve been trying to fill up my time with anything so as to not feel lonely, i’ve watched 4 movies already, listened to a load of mp3s, played “Command & Conquer : Generals”, burned a new music cd to play in the car, gone out shopping, rented 4 more movies, and now i’m back home, with more time in my hand to waste, lol.

The 4 movies i saw were:
– What Dreams May Come: which was an ok movie, the special effects were good, but it was bit boring.
– LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) : which was quite good, but not as good as i hoped.
– Soul Survivors : ok, they tried to make one of those complicated movies were they want to keep u not knowing what’s happening till the end, and it’s true u don’t, but by the end u don’t really care, lol.
– Dog Soldiers : Special effects sucked, looks like it came out from somewhere in the 80s, but it was ok, not too bad as a movie.

I’m thinking of starting an open source project on, but i’m still undecided about the idea, as usual, i have a ton of ideas, and instead of putting them to work, i waste all the time choosing and thinking, lol.

I haven’t eaten much today, so i’m starving. I’ll go have dinner now.

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