Last night was a great night out, we went to a club called “Calypso” in Hammamet (which is one of the best clubs in Tunisia) with some friends, and we partied like crazy and danced till the break of dawn.

The music was amazing, the beats were hypnotizing and the bass was out of this world, in short it was impossible to even think of sitting down, your body simply wouldn’t let you.

Everyone was jumping around and dancing like there was no tomorrow, kind of reminding me of the rave party scene from “Matrix Reloaded” 😛
Damn, i’ve been watching too many movies lately, lol.

We had dinner there too, which as you can imagine, is served in a big plate with a tiny portion floating in the middle, but with a big number showing up on the bill later on in the night, when you’re too exhausted to ask why, lol. Anyway, at least the food tasted good 🙂

We left at around 4AM, and got home at 4:45AM, with only a couple of hours left for me to try and get some sleep before i get up for work. Of course that would never be enough, and that’s why i’m now at the office, looking like a retard with psycho red eyes who is high on some weird crap, and raving about this in my blog, lol.

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