Blasted, and now secured…

Yes, i was blasted, i have no idea how, but my pc had all the symptoms of the MS Blaster worm: shutting itself down and stuff.
Anyway, i was able to clean it up yesterday, and life is back to normal again 🙂

The key to fixing it i found was to not open Internet Explorer, so i used Opera to go to the Microsoft website and download the patch, and then everything went on great.
But with all the hatred between Opera and Microsoft, and how they both try to screw each other up, you can imagine what an experience it was surfing the Microsoft website using Opera 😛

I tested earthstation5 yesterday, and well it has all the functionalities of a P2P program, but it still needs more and more people to move to it and start using it and sharing stuff on it.

I’ve also been playing around with eMule, trying to find a substitute for KaZaA (which annoys me with all its ads and hidden spyware), and eMule seems to be quite cool. It also has an IRC client built in, which reminded me of the old days when i used to chat on mIRC.

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