Aaaarrrrgghhhh !

It’s unbelievable, totally unbelievable how a nice place and great shopping experience can turn into a nightmare and somewhere you avoid going to. That’s what’s happening (or i think already happened) to the Tunisian Carrefour.

A year ago, it was the best place to be for shopping, you’d find anything you need, have a good meal, enjoy your time and go home waiting for the next time you’ll be there, but now it’s something totally different, it’s a place i just can’t stand to go close to anymore, it’s so full of people at any given moment of any given day of any given month, it’s so noisy, it’s full of chaos, in short it has become a bad shopping experience.

Now i hear some people thinking, well go shop from somewhere else, well i do whenever i can, but there are certain things i need that i can only find in Carrefour, so i have to drop over there every once in a while to get that stuff, and believe me, it’s turning into hell whenever i do.

I’m hearing they’ll be opening a new Carrefour somewhere in the Center of Tunis, so i’m hoping it’s true and that it opens quickly and that most of the load moves to that branch, giving us our great shopping experience back.

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