Outlandish Aicha

We were having lunch at a fast food joint yesterday, when a familiar tune started playing on one of the music channels, it was “Aicha” by Khaled, but this time around it was sung by 3 guys i never saw before and it was in English.

It turns out these guys are a group from Denmark called Outlandish, with roots from Morocco, Pakistan & Honduras.
I like their cover of the song, and they have quite good voices, but the original remains a favourite that is hard to surpass…
What is great though is that i think this is the first international cover of an arab/rai song, and hopefully there’ll be more in the future.

Khaled is one of the most worldwide famous arab stars, and one of the pioneers of RAI music from Algeria, with hits like : Didi, Nsi Nsi, Aicha, Sahra …etc.

Aicha was written by the great Jean-Jacques Goldman, who has written some of the best music ever for superstars like Celine Dion, Florent Pagny, Patrick Fiori and more…

My advice is get both the original and the cover and enjoy this cool song 😉

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