ATM Nightmares

Have you ever allowed yourself to spend every penny in your pocket, feeling safe that you have money in your bank account and that you can use your ATM card at any moment to get the cash you need ?
and have you ever gone to an ATM with an empty pocket and that feeling of safety only to be turned down because of a connection failure or whatever other reason and then hit by the fact that you’re totally out of money and that even though you have money in your bank account, you just can’t get to it ?
It’s one of the worst feelings ever, and it sucks like hell !

Well that’s part of my everyday life with my bank, i put my money in, spend the money i have, go to the nearest ATM (and every other one i know about), and it doesn’t give me anything !!!

What annoys me most is that it seems to only do it when i really need the money, when i’m really out of money, and when it’s a weekend, so i’m left with no solution to get my hands on some cash…

I’m seriously thinking of changing banks, the only problem is that i know it’ll be the same shit, just a different taste, so the big question is : am i ready to change the taste i’ve gotten so used to ? loooool…

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